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About Us

Haroun Studios is a family business that spans three generations, since its start in the mid 1940s.

Haroun Studios is a film lab and a studio that was involved with Lebanese cinema since its inception. Its founder, Michel Haroun, is one of the pioneers of the Lebanese movie industry. A director, a writer and an actor, he produced and directed one of the early movies in Lebanon in 1952. Based on a love story between a rich girl on a wheel chair and her neighboring friend who is the son of a peasant, the movie was a big hit. This encouraged him to expand the business and with the new family generation, the movie industry knew its golden age. The business expanded and Haroun Studios was recognized locally and regionally as a hub for movie production. With the advent of digital cinema, the business made the leap to digital technology and offers all the services related to DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) for 2K, 4K 2D and 3D cinema, HFR and Atmos audio. Haroun Studios continues to be on the leading edge of technology in all areas that are related to cinema and is committed to excellence in all aspects of its business.

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Behind each character is a real person committed to his lifetime passion.
This includes the enforcer, although we never needed his services!

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We work with different people, different film festivals, different cultures and different backgrounds and enjoy every learning experience!

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